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Weve connected millions of devices to the IoT...what can we help you connect? Medical devices, pumps, boilers, dispensers, air care, vacuum cleaners, and more. We help clients execute their IoT vision. Starting with IoT strategy, well help you plan your IoT transformation including value propositions and business models. From there well develop rapid prototypes and apps you use to validate these models. Once weve gathered all of the data from this process, we will help you transition your IoT strategy into a successful commercial launch, including building your IoT platform and applications. Lets start by talking about your IoT vision and how we can help you succeed!

QA Automation



Modalidad: Full Time

Remuneracion: a Convenir

Horario: 9 a 18

Lugar de Trabajo: En la Oficina

TeraCode is seeking a QA in Tandil and/or Buenos Aires. 

* We are looking for an experienced QA resource who can build frameworks from scratch 

* Must have good communications skills 

* English / Spanish 

* Jenkins 

* Postman 

Send us your resume and join this great team.

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Acompañamos a cada alumno en el sueño de crear, desarrollar e innovar soluciones digitales. Desde la práctica constante y compartiendo experiencias de casos reales intentamos contagiar nuestra pasión por la tecnología.



Sucursal Ciudad de Buenos Aires
CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sucursal Rosario
Rosario, Santa Fé, Argentina
Sucursal San Juan
Capital, San Juan, Argentina
Sucursal Tandil
Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sucursal Córdoba
Córdoba Capital, Córdoba Argentina
Sucursal Río Tercero
Río Tercero, Córdoba, Argentina
Sucursal Paraná
Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina
Sucursal Resistencia
Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina
Sucursal Salta
Salta, Salta, Argentina
Sucursal Posadas
Posadas, Misiones, Argentina
Sucursal Santa Fé
Santa Fé, Santa Fé, Argentina
Sucursal San Miguel de Tucumán
San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán, Argentina
Sucursal Madrid
Madrid, España
Sucursal Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Sucursal Los Angeles
Los Ángeles, Región Bio Bio, Chile
Sucursal Concepción
Concepción, Región Biobio, Chile
Sucursal Bogotá
Bogotá, Colombia
Sucursal Lima
Lince, Lima, Perú
Sucursal San José
San José, Costa Rica
Sucursal Guayaquil
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Sucursal La Paz
La Paz, Bolivia
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